Some New Love

As the new year starts so do new year resolutions. Out with the old and in with the new! Whether it is habits, materials or even people we all reflect on the year that has passed and prepare the best we can for the one approaching. Sometimes you may have something wonderful that may need a little more love to feel like new again.

I love upcycling! I have about 5 pieces of furniture and decor that I have upcycled over the past two years. My latest upcycle was for my daughter’s first birthday.

Unicorns have been all the rage.

When our daughter was born, my husband’s coworker gave us a bunch of hand me downs. One being a wooden rocking horse. In thinking about something extra special to give our baby girl I could not help but dream of turning the rocking horse into a unicorn! It took a few nap time afternoons but I was able to complete it in time for our daughters birthday!

Have you ever had an upcycle project?

I am planning a bunch more this year and will definitely share with you!

Keep Scrolling to see how I reinvented a loved toy.

FYI, I was not so great with taking photos of every step. Next time!

I started by unscrewing some of the pieces. Then I cut out the mane and the tail. I sanded down the horse, wiped it clean and painted it by hand. Could have totally done this with spray paint but I had a pint of white paint I had not used so decided to go that route.

I wanted silk flowers but I could not find anything I liked so decided to make them from felt. I also bought rainbow yarn for the mane and the tail. The horn I was able to find on etsy!

For the mane and the tail I cut the yarn to desired length. Then I cut a strip of white felt and glue the yarn. I had the main all going one way as I had planned to braid the mane for an extra effect. I cut a circle from the white felt and glued yarn on it for the tail.

For the flowers I just cut out my own but there are a ton of templates for felt flowers if you are doing a project and want more of a 3D look. I adorned my felt flowers with rhinestones from the craft store.

I saved the leather ears from the rocking horse and used them as a template to cut new ears for the unicorn. After I glued everything to the unicorn the horn was the second to last thing to be glued. I could not replace the eyes and painting eyes over them would not have looked nice, in my opinion. So I painted over them and then drew lashes to complete this adorable rocking unicorn!

If you have any questions about this project please feel free to email me!